Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Announcing ... Kodu or Die

Now playing on KoduZones #1 and #2 (#3 is being a pain right now) -- It's "Kodu or Die." 

More of an "experience" than a game, truthfully ... it's what happens when you spend waaaay too much time working on a complicated game mechanic and need a break.  So, instead, you create a new game centered on a very simple concept ... destroying your Kodu.  Flame throwers, Land Mines, Spinning Blades of Doom, Piranhas.  It's 20 levels of senseless violence committed upon a poor little Kodu.

It's actually a lot of fun - and definitely unlike anything else you'll presently find on Kodu.  I'll post some gameplay footage later on in the week, but until then keep an eye out for it on the KoduZones and let me know what you think!

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