Thursday, March 11, 2010

Forums are BACK



  1. I think I can finish a Full Kodu game that's unique. There's just one problem. The game is in fixed perspective seeing the whole field, overhead. At the beginning a character says something random from a pre-selected list. However, the speech balloon is so small it's about the size of the character. I need it bigger. Remember, this is overhead third-person perspective. I need something legible on a 480i Compostite input screen from that perspective

    This is kind of important that this be done. If I can do this text thing, I can publicly release my Kodu game for free for anyone who wants to load it. (all you have to do is update the game, with the updates being new commercial sponsors of what a character says at the beginning.)

    Also are there other publicly released Kodu games. Do they cost any money to download, and how do I get them? I mean besides the ones done by the Kodu team.

  2. Kodu is designed to be very accessable and easy to pick up, well it is a slower moving land based character. Kodu was aimed at a young market thus being very accesable to even kids.

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  3. Totally new to Kodu. I'm wondering if Kodu programs can be run on Windows Mobile 7 phones. Seems to me the mobile phone is a good platform for consuming Kodu programs.