Sunday, March 21, 2010

XBOX 360 Kodu - Patch is HERE!

Remember back in October, 2009? That's when we blogged that patch 2 was live, but there were issues with the shared servers.

Remember that? That was a long time ago.

It has seriously taken that long for this next patch to make its rounds and get approved for distribution.

But here it is. It's here.

For reals.

For reals, for reals.

Here's what you do now.

1. Fire up your 360.
2. Stare at the prompt that tells you there's an update.
3. Hit X to start the download.
4. Download the 148.32 megs to your 360's hard drive.
5. Pinch yourself. It's real. For reals.

Hopefully all is in order - admittedly, I haven't actually played with the patch yet. I'm posting this as the patch is downloading. But, c'mon, it's gotta all work ... right?


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